Welcome To Random Thoughts, Purposeful Life

Hi, and welcome to my new blog! I bet nobody knows me from my other, little known blog but alas, here I am with yet another little read website! Hopefully things will change in that department as I update this semi-regularly.

“Random thoughts” is precisely that; a place to put what is on my mind at any given point of the day, week, month… you get the idea. The “purposeful life” part comes in, hopefully, as I share things that are important to me, or things I don’t want to see stop with my family (see my post on baked beans and you may understand what I mean) or just things that are on my heart to share. My cat blog is about the cats and my life with them, and my creative writing blog is my work-in-progress romance novel. This one is uniquely me and I invite you to walk with me through this thing we call life.

I look forward to meeting you. Blessings!

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