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If Tika Came Back From Heaven…..

This is my “Cat Blog” but the post is heartfelt and applicable to me as a person. This is one of my “Purposeful” posts. I hope you enjoy!

Life With Cats

This year marks five years since I lost my tortoiseshell cat, Tika. In some aspects, it seems like just yesterday and on the other hand, I think it feels like forever. Those who know me know how important Tika was to me, in so many ways. She was so much more than “just a cat”… she was my nurse, my friend, my “child.” She got me through the death of my dad, a move across country, the death of my first cat, Callie. She was the first gift my husband gave me for my birthday as my husband. I never understood the concept of a pet “choosing you” until I met Tika. She never knew a stranger; everyone who walked into our home was greeted with a meow and a demand for a belly rub. She was just simply one of a kind. To say she was a special cat…

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