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Happy Birthday Self

Today I am celebrating my 46th birthday.  I don’t really make too much of the day overall, mostly because it feels just like any other day.  I wake up, Pixel drapes himself over my waist at the crack of dawn for breakfast, and sometime between feeding the cats and noon, I’m usually out of bed for the day.  Today was the last of four doctor appointments in the last six days, three of which required me to drag my aging carcass out of bed and out the door before 8:30am, and twice on the highway in rush-hour traffic.  This appointment was my own.  Of all the people I want to see on my birthday, a pain specialist is close to the bottom of the list, right above my dentist and possibly a lawyer (no offense to dentists and lawyers!)

Somewhere between being 6 and 46, birthdays have gotten rather dull.  Last year, my birthday was spent waiting for a repairman to come fix our air conditioning system, which had systematically failed every 8th of the month since January.  By the time the repair was made, it was much too late to do any celebrating and I was really not in the mood to anyway.  This year was looking to go the same way, but with doctor appointments, until my husband made an ordinary day more special. Always going out of his way to do things he knows I’ll really appreciate, John contacted the band who sings the song, “Should’ve Gone To Bed,” to find where he could get a copy of it.  A few months ago, Plain White T’s seemingly removed all traces of this song from all of the popular music services.  We don’t know why, nor can I begin to understand the music industry, but what I do know is that when you really like a song and it suddenly disappears from iTunes and everywhere else,  you get very bummed out.  The band’s representative sent him to their merchandising website, which is where he found and bought this year’s gift.  Which makes me a very happy birthday girl, and a spoiled wife.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner out with my sweet Mom, without whom there would have been no reason to celebrate anything today.  It was her first time and our third to Longhorn Steakhouse, which by the way has the BEST soft pretzels with beer cheese.  We all laughed, talked and ate probably way too much, but as I get older I’m learning to treasure each moment I have with my loved ones.  One of my favorite sayings is, “Life is like a roll of toilet paper… the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.”  I’m not sure who said that originally, but I always keep it in mind.  At the end of the day, I’m thankful to have been blessed with another birthday, because today I’ve also realized that I’m at the age where I probably have more time behind me than ahead.  My own roll of toilet paper may be rolling by faster these days, but each “sheet” becomes more meaningful.

May we all celebrate not only birthdays, but every day in our lives, and learn not to take a single moment for granted.


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