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Wait, What Month Is It Again?

I was out with my mom yesterday for a doctor appointment and lunch. Here in Florida, sometimes it’s difficult to tell by weather exactly what season we are in, but by the decorations in and around town one could easily surmise that it’s December. Oh, it’s not, you say?  Let me provide evidence to the contrary.

The local Cracker Barrel is stuffed to the rafters with all kinds of Christmas paraphernalia: Christmas trees, decorations, tchotchkes and oversized candy bars (how exactly those say Christmas is beyond me, but I digress.) Our local Walmart has been stuck in December since well before Labor Day, the first signs of the impending holidays strewn about the store and throughout the garden center. Best Buy already has festive decor swirling overhead and on aisle end caps, the shelves cluttered with purchasable gift cards.

What is the big need for retailers to hurry the seasons along, one after the other as if they are on a calendar conveyor belt?  I’m lying to myself if I don’t admit that I’m tired of Christmas festivities by the time the day actually arrives because I’ve had it ram-rodded down my proverbial throat since August. During the last throes of Summer when most people are still buying sunblock and pool lounges, the very last thing I want to see is Santa dancing and singing his “Ho ho ho.”

One store that I know of, Nordstrom, does not fall into lockstep with the holiday retail tradition of decorating too early. They advertise that their Christmas decorations will be reserved for when Thanksgiving is done. And, in keeping with family tradition, they are closed for the entirety of Thanksgiving day, opening early for “Black Friday,” and decked out in their holiday finery.  Finally, somebody who remembers what the upcoming holiday season is truly about: spending time with family and loved ones.

I understand that the Christmas holiday season is the biggest sale season for retailers, but it would be so very nice to not be assaulted by December so early in the year. So I declare, in the midst of record high temperatures (high 80s,) that it is actually November despite what the signs and temperatures of the season tell me.


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