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Happy First Birthday, Blog!

Well, along with many other important dates, the anniversary of the beginning of this little blog has come and gone with no notice, and no celebration.  But late is better than never, at least it is in my book, and I look back on my previous posts with satisfaction.  No, I haven’t been as active as I had originally planned, but it’s been a busy year, and truthfully, I’ve been blank for ideas for awhile.  I originally wanted to be able to share things that were on my heart and share them with no hesitation.  What this little blog seems to have done is become a defacto cooking/food blog.  Which is totally okay.  Food is definitely part of who I am, and I’m proud to share family recipes that I want to see live far beyond me, and other gems that I have found in the process of learning more about being healthier and eating better.

This next year I hope will see more reflections from my life, my walk with my Savior, and maybe even some stories about my “children;” a sixteen year old Ragdoll cat named Sassy and an eleven year old tabby named Pixel.  I usually leave their stories to my other blog, but they are sometimes my biggest inspiration, and they certainly have my heart.  I’ll be introducing them over the course of the coming year, sharing my favorite stories and pictures.

And finally, for my readers, I send a heartfelt and genuine “thank you” for following and reading, even if I don’t keep this as interesting as I’d like.  I surely appreciate your visits and feedback.  Here’s to a wonderful, purposeful 2016!


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