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Happy Birthday, America

The first thought that comes to mind today is, “Where did June go?”  Here it is, the last day of the sixth month of the year.  Which means that Christmas is now officially less than six months away.  You’re welcome.

The 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence is coming up on Monday.  That is still a big deal to many of us.  The Declaration of Independence.  The birth of a new, unique nation.  A nation settled and established by some of the bravest souls to walk the Earth, in search of liberty, FREEDOM, to live  how they wished, not under tyranny rule of a not-so-benevolent king.  I say that these men and women were some of the bravest souls to walk the Earth, and I mean that.  It takes courage and resolve to journey across an ocean that few had ever navigated to a world where there were no comforts, a place where there were no guarantees, where death would visit them in startling numbers just the first winter.  But they had a purpose.  The settlers of the colonies desired to be able to worship their God freely and without persecution by their government.

If you wish to truly celebrate Independence Day with a movie this weekend, stay away from the theater (I hear that the new Independence Day movie is horrid anyway) and turn on Netflix.  Search for Kirk Cameron’s Monumental.  I promise you, it will not be time wasted.  Have your children watch, as this is a family-friendly movie.  There will be no cussing, no “adult themes.”  But they will learn something, and what they will learn is the truth about why the pilgrims fled England to settle in the new world.  And chances are, you will learn some new things, too.  Things that are not taught in schools any more, because education has ended up in the wrong hands for too many years.  That is another conversation all by itself.

From the daughter of a World War II army vet and her family, to every man and woman serving in the Armed Forces to protect this land and her Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, to the families who gave their soldiers to our great nation, and for the generations of those who did the same in the name of freedom and liberty, I thank you.  For it is because of the best military in the world that we still have the best place in the world to live our lives, raise our families and love one another.

God bless America. Happy birthday!


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