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I Have No Words…

Good morning blogosphere!  Well, I wish I could say it was a good morning but I can honestly tell you this one is for the record books as being the most wretchedly horrible pain day I’ve had since I started tapering my medications weeks ago.  For some reason, I cannot sleep past a few hours a night, though yesterday I managed to get a full 10 hours.  Even the Boy cat let me sleep yesterday, but they both seem to have an innate sense to know I’m not feeling well.  They tend to “nurse” me when I’m sore and tired.  They’re such sweeties, I don’t know how I’d survive right now without either of them.

This actually began yesterday, when I got up around 5:30 to make dinner, however easy it was. I felt shaky, so I tested my sugar and it was a bit low. No problem, have a glass of lemonade and check back.  Then the headache started right around the time I was prepping my sweet Vidalia onion to cook.  At first I thought it was the onion, but the headache persisted into the wee hours of this morning.  After I went to bed, I was back up testing my sugar again, and found it to be close to target.  Then back to bed, and shivering cold.  Poor Mercy, my one-eyed kitty who is my night time snuggle buddy, didn’t know what to make of me with the covers on and off.  Then around 4:30, I heard a thud… the bed next to me was empty, so my immediate reaction was to yell, “Are you okay?” to the hubby.  He yelled back from the bathroom floor, where he was struggling to get back on his feet.  It was difficult to get back to sleep after that, and then the Boy had me up at 6:15 for his breakfast.  I finally got up at 8:30am.  No rest for the weary.

I’m contemplating using my CBD sublingually today, and I don’t normally do that because I need to make it stretch for months at a time.  Using my vape pen helps me do just that.  But when I’m laying in bed in so much pain, wishing I could take another pain pill… I’m not sure vaping alone is going to cut it today.  So this morning, the headache is gone, but my usual lower backache is back with a vengeance.  Why did my body pick today?  Hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow, because I need to do a blowout shopping trip at Walmart for Mom’s hurricane preparedness duffel bag.  Even if I don’t feel better, I have no choice.  I’ve procrastinated long enough on it.  She has to have it by Saturday.  End of story.

If you all are the praying type, I have a couple of requests.  First, a friend of mine had a seizure yesterday, and I would appreciate remembering her in your prayers.  It’s a scary time for her and her family as they figure this out.  And one for my hubby.  He’s been falling a lot lately, and quite frankly I’m scared he will really hurt himself someday.  We see his neurologist in less than 2 weeks, so we’re hoping to have some answers, or at least traveling in the right general direction. Six months ago, his Multiple Sclerosis seemed to be in remission.  Now, not so much.

One last thought.  Florida’s new opioid law, the one that inspired me to begin this medication taper, goes on the books on Sunday.  The way it is being reported in the news is that the law will affect the vast majority of painkiller prescriptions with very few medical exceptions.  Right now, I’m hoping I can fill enough to continue with my slow taper. If not, I’m in for a rough ride in July.

That’s all for today.  Sorry for my small novel here, but if I’m keeping this real, then this sort of thing will happen on “paper.”  Thanks for bearing with me, y’all.  Gentle hugs!