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Tapering – Uncle

Happy Wednesday everybody. I might as well explain the post title right away, as I want to be blatantly transparent with this process…

I am stepping back on the second dose taper, effective this morning. I am crying “Uncle,” so to speak. From a pain standpoint, yesterday was the worst day I have survived in a very long time. I am not sure I can, emotionally and mentally, have another day like it again today. I was simply not prepared for the magnitude of hurt I suffered yesterday. Without a good plan to tackle this issue, I can’t continue until I’ve seen my pain specialist.

This is total insanity. To anyone who has stopped taking painkillers while experiencing excruciating pain, you have my utmost respect. However, I am not seeing this backstep as anything but a delay in achieving the final goal, at least for now. I don’t feel defeated, I am just hoping for some pain relief at some point, and I really need a nap. I haven’t slept more than 8 hours across two nights. If there is one thing that is crucial to Fibromyalgia, it is getting adequate sleep.

A couple of months back, I read an article that someone had written about Prince, who died of a painkiller overdose two years ago. The author posited that he did not die from pain pills, but from chronic pain. I hadn’t seen anything written from this point of view, and I agreed with it wholeheartedly. Chronic pain is a huge problem, and too many people suffer with severe pain to sweep them under the rug any longer.

I need to cancel the second of two appointments this week, because I can barely move. We missed hubby’s neurology appointment in Tampa yesterday, which is a 70 minute drive each way. There was no way I could have driven and been safe on the road yesterday with the misery I faced, and it was a good call. Today is my appointment for a long overdue eye exam. However, a dilated eye exam and the size of migraine headache I have brewing is not an ideal combination. Stuff happens when you have a chronic illness. I joked with the lady on the other end of the phone yesterday as I rescheduled hubby’s appointment, that it’s rough when you don’t feel well enough to see the doctor. Something you take for granted when you’re normal.

I will check in later this week. Have a blessed day!