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Checking In (Yet Again)

Hello friends. It has been a long time since I have checked in with you, and much has happened in our lives, so I thought I would bring you up to date now that we are officially more than halfway through this year.

First things first. We are still self-isolating and trying our level best to stay COVID-19 free. I have discovered the wonder of grocery delivery from Aldi, and even after the virus fades away, if it ever does, I will probably still use this service. The amount of energy this saves me is immense, and these days, my energy is at a premium. 

Hubby had some blood work done to determine his next best course of action against the monster known to us as Multiple Sclerosis. The good news is that he is JC-VIRUS negative, which makes him an excellent candidate to receive Tysabri infusions for the foreseeable future. This will hopefully buy us some time without disease progression. 

The frustration since March has been trying to get the VA to cover Acthar for him. He was in an MS flare when we saw the doctor in March for the first time, so he was prescribed this medication to stop the inflammation. It is now July and the medication is just now on the way. Most of the symptoms he had that sparked this treatment have now subsided. The VA has to be the most difficult wad of red tape to navigate. I’m tired of doing everyone else’s job. Rant over!

I was tested for myasthenia gravis in late winter, but I never heard back from the neurologist about the results. I am guessing no news is good news? I truly have no idea. He did tell me, however, that my double vision is caused by something called fourth nerve palsy. My left eye doesn’t track with the right eye, and it causes double vision. The treatment is prism lenses in my glasses. And that’s where it stops. Prisms are expensive, y’all. 

Our big news involves our cat family. My fourteen-year-old boy, Pixel, had been sick for months and truthfully I probably clung to him far longer than I should have. But in May, he began to get aggressive with food. He was constantly hungry but he gained no weight despite a huge calorie intake every day. And when he snapped at me, we realized we couldn’t risk him hurting Mercy or either of us. 

Pixel crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 11, 2020, after a long illness. I got one last Mother’s Day with him. Someday, I will write a post about his life and the extraordinary event that allows me to write this tribute to him right now. 

Mercy, our surviving cat, has missed him greatly. We knew she would, and adjusting to life as a solo cat has not been easy for her. We waited over a month before we began looking for a kitten to love. 

Almost two weeks ago, I heard about a litter of kittens from the same rescue where we adopted Mercy. One of them, a female, was black and white and looked to be a mirror image of our cat, Abby. So we made an appointment to see her, full of hope and very excited. 

When we arrived, we were told there was a mixup, and our female cat was actually a male. When I asked if she had any female kittens, she pointed to a dilute tortoiseshell kitten they had gotten just a day prior. And when I saw her, I knew she was mine. 


Miss Bella

Bella came home on July 2, 2020. She is rambunctious, sweet, gentle, loves to play but even more, she loves to snuggle. Bella has a voice and she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. She came to us sick with a parasitic infection and conjunctivitis but she has greatly improved taking her medicine every day. She is technically in quarantine until Friday but she is ready to meet Mercy and take ownership of this apartment. She is bonded with me, and it looks like I will have a cat in my lap every night once again. 

So, that is the news on this front. I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy. God bless!