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A Note From Wendy

First, I want to start by wishing everyone in the USA a very happy Independence Day! I hope you enjoy the day celebrating the miracle of America. Please be safe and have the best time!

I want to apologize for my lack of attention to this blog. I have been wrapped up in other writing projects, including finishing up my first romance novel. Recently, I’ve submitted my first written work to a contest worth $20,000 to the first place winner. Do I believe I’m going to win? Probably not. But the experience was worth it, even if I come up empty-handed.

On the Hubby front, I wish I had some good news to report. And I guess in some ways, I do. His Tysabri infusions have been going well with no side-effects. He is fatigued, but that is common with Multiple Sclerosis. The big issue we’re dealing with now is a diabetic ulcer on his right foot. It has grown quite large and deep, almost to the bone. We’re doing all we can, with a wound specialist, to save his big toe. He is completely non-weight bearing on his right foot and currently uses his wheelchair to get around in our increasingly tiny apartment. We desperately need downsizing. That comes later, I’m afraid.

Things for me are going okay. I’ve been dealing with depression the likes of which I haven’t experienced in years. I’ve lived in the deepest, darkest place I’ve been since I freed myself from Cymbalta. But I’m a warrior, and a survivor. I will persevere, and I will never give up. Be assured that I will fight the depression, kicking and screaming, until it finally lifts and moves on. The cats have been designated my “emotional support animals,” though they never leave the house with me. Their job, which they both do well, is performed at home in the evening’s stillness when I’m alone. When all I want to do is cry, Bella and Mercy are both here for me—their rumbly purrs and snuggles are the bandage I need on my hurting soul.

If you are interested in my creative writing projects, and I would welcome your support and visits to both pages, I will link them here. Thank you in advance for visiting both projects!

Whatever struggles you face today, know that I am in prayer for you. Leave comments below, or contact me via personal email. I’d love to hear from you!

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Thank you again for your love and support over the years. Random Thoughts could not be what it is today without you!!