Summer Was A Bummer… But Will Fall Have It All?

Hi everyone! I’m crawling out of my hidey-hole to check in. It has been a wicked busy summer here in Florida! 

We began our summer with Hubby’s health issues taking priority. He developed a diabetic foot ulcer on his right big toe. It was deep and ugly, infected and stinky to boot. He’s been completely non-weight bearing on his right foot since July. Our weekly pilgrimages to Sarasota to the wound center are tiring, and I’d be fibbing big time if I said this hasn’t affected me, too. 

My health has been okay on the surface, but I’m suffering with back pain from lugging his wheelchair around from doctor to doctor. The fibromyalgia has been wildly out of control, and my pain specialist hasn’t offered to help beyond recommending the “nerve block” that I should have had last year. But because Hubby is wheelchair bound for most of his day, he could not accompany me to the appointment. Doesn’t that just figure?

In other news, I’ve checked off a HUGE bucket list item this month with the completion of the first draft manuscript for my first romance novel. The creative writing blog I’ve been working on since before my mom’s passing in 2018 has taken off, and with the addition of a truly gifted editor and wordsmith to my blog team, we’ll be working to edit this behemoth of a book. It truly doesn’t have a working title yet, but I’ve been tentatively calling it Generations. With some luck and a lot of hard work, I might look at indie publishers by the beginning of next year. It’s been a very exciting time around here!

I know I’ve written about losing the cat who saved my life, but I’m not sure I’ve introduced you to the little tortie girl who has filled his paws. This is Bella Grace, my semi-permanent hip attachment.


She loves to play fetch like Pixel used to, and she is as stubborn as they come. But at night, when I’m alone in the living room concentrating on my writing, she’ll come to me and curl up in my arms. She is 110% tortitude, and I love her that way. That is my favorite picture of her, too. 

Besides everything else going on around here, we’ve had a couple of frightening incidents in our home. The first was about a month ago when a short in the electrical box outside our bedroom caused a small fire under the siding. They evacuated our entire building, including our very freaked-out feline charge. The electrical issues now fixed, we’re looking at new windows in our bedroom and living room some time this winter. I can’t wait. 

I should preface this next part by saying we live on the ground floor of a two-floor apartment building. We’ve had exactly three different neighbors upstairs since we’ve been here; two of those have been within the last year. The current neighbors are supposedly two brothers. One works a night shift and is a day sleeper, the other works normal daytime hours. This means, naturally, that there is noise at all hours of the day and night. I have never met either of the brothers, until last night, that is.

We heard a ruckus (doesn’t that make you think of the Breakfast Club?) upstairs; shouting, a loud crash on the floor that sounded like someone falling, and Hubby heard screaming. So I put my shoes on and I intended to go upstairs. I was going to ask them nicely to keep it down. When I opened my door, the commotion was outside; a different neighbor on the steps with a phone, talking to a 911 dispatch. The neighbor who created the noise laid on the deck outside their front door, moaning in obvious pain. A distraught woman cried over him, muttering unintelligible things, but I could make out, “I’ll never forgive myself.” 

I looked around, I’m sure, with a bewildered look, and asked, “What’s going on out here?” I was more than a little annoyed. That was, until the man lying on the deck said, “I’ve been shot in the leg at point-blank range by a .357.” That made the woman cry harder. In the confusion, I heard him say, “She shot me in the leg.” 

I felt sick to my stomach, to be honest. All the “what-ifs” ran through my head at Cat 4 hurricane speed. What if the bullet came through the floor? What if it would have hit one of us? And then later, wondering what type of liability would come from the apartment if someone was killed or shot by accident through a wall or ceiling. 

My opinion on this is probably controversial to some, but I’m going to say it, anyway. I believe in the second amendment, and in the private citizen’s right to own a firearm. But personally, I’ve always been a little squeamish around them. I’ve never owned a gun, and I’ve only seen one up close two or three times. It isn’t the gun I fear; it’s the person with ill intentions behind the trigger, or holding the knife or other weapon, that worries me. 

That said, everything calmed down last night, and after my nerves settled, I felt fine. It’s something I don’t want to repeat. These incidents are getting way too close for my comfort. But rentals are just not available in our area, and affordable ones are even more scarce. We’re stuck in a brand new lease until next year, anyway. Will we move to a different place next year? I’d love to, but it depends on our financial ability to do so. I’m hoping to downsize (much to Hubby’s chagrin) the beginning of next year. Our space issues in this little apartment overwhelm me. 

That’s about all that’s been going on this year. There’s more, but I can’t disclose it. Not yet, anyway. The suspense will just have to keep y’all curious. I know, I’m evil (not really!)

Hopefully, after the book editing gets underway, I can return some attention back here to this poor, neglected blog. If you’d like to see the project I’m working on, you can find it here. I’m getting ready to start my second generation rewrites within the next few days. I’m so excited about it, too!

Stay well, do good. You have my thanks for hanging here, waiting for my next post. I’ll never take you, my readers, for granted. My prayers go with you!